Aotokitsuruya is learning

How to containerize your Rails in minutes

Even Ruby on Rails is one of the fastest frameworks of web development, and we can use it to build a web rapidly. We still need the DevOps to deploy or update it manually that we can test or release it.

Can we have a better way to resolve it?

TGONext: Tracing and Technical Debt

We have 4 ~ 5 times meetup in TGONext, and this time is the last meetup in the schedule. In the possible last meetup, we discuss some topic which we are not planning to discuss at first.

This time we are talking about log tracing and how to deal with technical debt.

Build a Form Helper capable Form Object in Rails

The Form Object is a common pattern in Rails when our form becomes complex. But the tutorial in network’s example usually incapable of Rails’ form helper.

And I start thinking about is it possible to support form helpers without too many changes?

TGONext: Database Migration and Architecture Changing

Before we starting to discuss architecture, our mentor let us ask some questions.

Between this meetup and previous meetup, my customer breaks their migration due to some incorrect plan. So I raise a migration question to discuss the zero-downtime migration plan.

TGONext: Choose Architecture By Cons

This meetup we review previous discussions and switch to the next topic. Based on the high concurrency we talk about the last meetup, we simulate an architecture and evolution it.

The Reusable Ansible Role Problem

About 1 year ago, I build a Ansible playbook for the customers of 5xRuby.

When our customers grow it is hard to use the fork feature to maintenance our customer’s playbook.

I have to update the main version and sync the changes to the fork version for each customer. Therefore I decided to split the common parts to a single role repository.

TGONext: The plan for high concurrency

Yesterday is the first meetup of the TGONext project, we are learning from Taiwan’s high-level technical leaders. After the opening, our mentor Ant let our polling for the topic we want to discuss in this half-year project time.

We decide to pick up 4 topics to discuss and the first topic is “high concurrency.”

Write a suitable RSpec test

Include me, write test is many people’s nightmare. Many junior programmers feel it is hard to define which should be tested. So, I decided to share my experience after I tech my colleague today.